Stealing The Show: Who Is The Sell Out?

Attending an early screening of a show, whether theater or movie is always exhilarating. Knowing that you’re one of the first to lay eyes on a production fosters a sense of privilege, a belonging to an elite club of early viewers.

Whether you’re In Kansas Or Miami, matters not. Whether it’s an auditorium of just a few or thousands of people is irrelevant. If you’re black or white, religious or atheist, it all fades to nothing. Just losing yourself in the plot of an immersive story provides equal relief to every attendee from their daily life.

Speaking to fellow viewers after the showing is equally powerful – you will find common ground in a fictitious story that rarely shines through in the daily grind of routine. Relating to fiction is so often simpler that painful comparisons with reality.

The magic of cinema has long been know to have a powerful and profound impact on those that allow it to wash over them. That’s why the cinemagoer can often get more value than they ever dreamed possible from their afternoon in a darkened room.

So, that does beg the question, when the production companies are so often accused of profiteering with their vast profits from blockbuster movies, who is the sell out? If we all enjoy the experience so much – what has more value? Losing yourself in fantasy, or the money you spend to attend?

Of course, if you’re lucky enough to be invited to a showing, the chances are the price is nothing, but for the rest of us and the rest of the presentations on the silver screen, the value is substantial.