Welcome Frugal Friends

We’re finally back online.

The phoenix always rises from the flames, and it’s our intention to follow the folklore to the letter.

We’ve always been storytellers, and the story of life is the most exciting, engaging and immersive of them all. Our plots have twists, our lives have unbelievably unlikely turns that catch us off guard at any moment.

Protecting ourselves and our futures is about setting ourselves up well. That’s exactly what an Ordinary Radical does. We’re not special, and we’re certainly not preppers. We haven’t got the time or inclination to look into the eventualities of societal breakdown, nuclear war or every political eventuality. What we are is keen to have the best, the most effective solutions to every one of life’s problems. That means kitting out our homes affordably, but with the items that work.

We’re not all flash, we’re not all show offs. Some of us like that recognition, but it’s not what defines us. As Ordinary Radicals, we pool our knowledge here, and invite every average Joe to benefit from the cutting edge information to join us and live a better life.